The recent life and times of Johnny T

I'm not sure exactly how I wound up living in a beach front condo in Maui, but I'm grateful none the less. Actually, most of the credit lies with my sweet bride and the opportunities provided by her Traveling RN career. I guess the real question is how did I wind up with such an amazing woman by my side. Seems like I've received more than my fair share most of my life; I'll be the first to tell you that I'm spoiled.
At any rate, I thank God for all the He has blessed me with. Here's a short list of what the wife and I have been up to since we've been on Maui:

Friends and Family Hosted: 11
Islands visited other than Maui: 3
1985 VW Vanagon Engines Blown: 1
Sea urchin stings: 1
Marathons completed: 1
Pro surfers sited: 10
Cussings received while surfing: 2
Drives to Hana: 3
Condos lived in: 3
Rainy days: 5

All of this and we've gotten to hang out with our good friends Aaron and Amy, volunteer for the IRONMAN world championship, learn how to surf, and a whole lot of other stuff. It's been fun, but we're looking toward the future and trying to figure out where we're going to go in February. Best case scenario: I'll have a job with Patagonia somewhere on the mainland, but who really knows.

The Pictures:
Top: Real nice sunset in Wailea
Bottom: Me and Aaron Jensen running our little hearts out

-well alright-


sekondstory said...

Now, I will vicariously live through you, I would much rather go to HI than eat chili ( no matter how good it is).
At least you know your spoiled. Whoever has been praying for you though out your life.....tell them to put me on that list. :)
Your a good one JohnnyT.

01cent said...

Lisa you've been on the list for a long time and John welcome to the blog world and why are you being mean to me where your so far away

f1rststory said...

Yo JT, how's it? - good to see you blogging. That's awesome that you guys did the marathon - I'm guessing that's the one you were going to start training for when I left. Congrats!

So, you've actually been cussed at? Sweet. You need to go with Chris and get him to go provide protection...hahahaha.

shoots bra....

Johnny T said...

What are you talking about Lisa? I thoought it was you guys praying for me all this time, and my grandmother Keko of course!

And Penny-There ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from poking fun of you! I'm surprised that the pink site was an accident, I thought it was you all the way.

sekondstory said...

John..I would like to take credit for the good fortune in your life. Even though your name has come up in more than a few of my prayers, I can't say that it's me b/c they don't seem to have taken the same affect on others. For example, Tim still has to work, and we are freezing our tails off in N.E. TN. However, he has turned out with a pretty great wife. :) So I'm really just 2 for 3.

f1rststory said...

oh - btw - the pink was not an accident - i helped $.01 set it up and she said - "oohhhhh, I want pink..."

jefe said...

Hey JT & Beth...you guys are so blessed to live there & count sand & all. JT, you and Jake make everyone else in the running picture look like they're running out of a midget's convention. Wish we could come visit. Why'd they cuss you? Are you really that BAD at it? :)