How could it get any better?

Picking up where I dropped off last post, when we finally got in the water each of us took a turn on the shortboard and shorebreak combo, at which point each of us got slammed and tossed around. Aaron was the first to draw blood as the tip of the surf board gouged his ankle. The waves were not all that good, which was proven by the fact that we were the only ones in the water apart from some kiteboarders.

The rest of my time on Oahu was just some QT with some old friends. It was really good to see Ethan and Arwynn. Currently, they both work as backcountry guides for a wilderness therapy program back in Utah. I'm thinking about joining them since the Patagonia Atlanta job fell through. Oh, while I was over there guess who called me. The HR director for Patagonia. She told me that everyone that has had the chance to talk to me thinks I would be a great fit for the company, but I just don't have the management experience to fill the Asst. Mnger role. However, she did pass on my information to the Salt Lake store and told me it might be a good idea to take a lesser job to get my foot in the door. We'll see how it works out.

Well, on with the story. Once the Jensens dropped me off at the airport I gave Beth a call to pick me up. She stayed behind because she had to work. The timing was tight because as soon as I got back on Maui we would have to hi-tail to Kihei because I had to be a work by 5.

Remember this is Valentine's Day, so I was expecting an abbreviated celebration in the car on the way to work, which we did. My gift to Bethany was a real nice zip up sweatshirt; she had been wanting one for awhile now. Her gift to me was a little better, after all, this was her year to plan the V-Day. She presented me with a Jamba Juice smoothie, a bag full of Valentine fruit rollups, nerds, and a banana. The banana was for work because I would be riding my bike back home; Beth had to go to work at 7pm. She also gave me the Curious George Soundtrack, which is real mellow, and I like that alot. Like I said last post, the weekend was very satisfying, and now I get all these things from my loving wife, it was awesome.

It got better.

At work it was a regular night, only there were more couples than usual, and quite a few more cars to be parked. Tips were decent; I think I walked with almost $60 for only 4 hours-not bad. I was looking forward to getting home, and catching up on some sleep, but I still had a 12 mile bike ride between me and my bed. It's not all that bad though, I usually enjoy it.

So I get home, and walk inside. (This is when it gets better) Low and behold, I hadn't yet received all that was coming to me for Valentines. On the table was a card, and giftbag ful of candy: skittles, redhots, conversation hearts (these taste awesome, but they'd be better if you could actually have a conversation with them) and more fruit roll-ups. Man, how did I get so blessed?

It goes on. the card instructed me to check out the fridge, so I did. I found an already made meal and Henry Weinhart rootbeer-by far the best rootbeer in the world. And here's is the kicker, for dessert she made me chocolate covered strawberries. Unbelievable. I would have posted a picture of the strawberries, but I ate them all. Lastly, when I go to get in bed, after partaking of all the goods, of course, I found a single rose on the pillow of an already turned down bed. Although I slept alone that night, I knew I was loved.

Isn't this amazing, I mean isn't Beth amazing. Valentine's day was awesome to say the least, but the celebration continues. Today we're going out on a whale sighting trip, so hopefully we'll have some close up pictures to post.

I told you it would end much better than I thought.

-well alright-


Tonya said...

awwww, that's so sweet!

BirkenEarthyKel said...

That is so awesome! The whale sighting I mean. Hahaha, jk. Did I tell you that I got Watermelon flavored Tobacco for our sheesha pipe for my Valentine's Day?? Hahahahaha ;) p.s. to all of you (especially Tonya who keeps bragging), have ya seen the dots on my map?

Tonya said...

bragging? i haven't bragged once about the number of dots i have...only that my dot was bigger than john's and given that i already admitted to continually going to my site repeatedly to make my dot grow, that is merely a sad reflection of the fact that i spend waaaayyy tooo much time on the internet!

at least i'll admit my depravity, eh?

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Hahahaha, Yeah, did you see the dot at Qatar...that's most likely all me..hahahaha. Mine is just more "international"..must be my title that is pulling people in...I bet they're disappointed. LOL

f1rststory said...

JT - awesome! You definately got the better end of the deal...hahahahaha

sekondstory said...

Your a good women Beth! I got Tim a cookie cake valentine, but I ate half of it :( he left it here and went to work, it was taunting me the whole day!

Steve said...

You had me nervous when I read you "wanted an abbreviated celebration in the car," but it turned out much more noble and sweet than I feared...

Neat to catch up on the Jensens--thanks!

AmberShea said...

how incredibly SUPER SWEET !!!! you guys are the coolest couple ever! ( : !!!!!!!

01cent said...

I'm calling Beth next year to copycat what ever she does for you, but I'll tweak it to meet Chris needs.