Our Best Pictures You Haven't Seen

Our final days are here, we only have four more until we board the plane for home. It's time for a little reflection. Here are a few of my favorite photos of Hawaii.
Good Morning Beth.

Our favorite spot on Maui, the Olivine Pools.

At the Ironman.

Sunrise at 10,000 ft.

Outrigger Canoe outside of Mama's fishhouse.

Freight Train going off.

I don't have a blind monkey, but here's a picture of a blind Owl.

After the finish Line.

Soooooommmeee Pig!

The Carrs and the Grants .....Oh Yeesss!

A hammock on the beach-not a bad setup.

Kayaking off of Molokai.

The Teilhet's.

Kauai waterfall.

Mollie, Beth and a Blowhole.


phillip said...

Who are those hot sweaty men..see you soon Mr. Teilhet

Tonya said...

your blind owl was also missing a leg

Brennydoogles said...

John Teilhet. and Beth Teilhet. You guys are awesome. John, Do you remember when we got that golf cart stuck on the path to the cabins at the gorge? That was awesome.
As for what I will be doing at buffalo mountain, I will be heading up their high ropes program, and I will be working at the wall at the CPA. I saw Joe Diaz there the other day. ok, I'm going to bed.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Great photos, wish I was there. Sure beats the desert.

sekondstory said...

When will you be in town?

Johnny T said...

We fly into Nashville Tuesday evening, then we'll drive to Johnson City wednesday.

AmberShea said...

John and Beth you should come to the Matt Wertz concert on Friday @ the ETSU Ampitheater. I am guessing you know who that is. If not look him up he is pretty cool- very acoustic. Wertz is stayin out at the Barn and we are gonna have a bon fire. Definetly Come if you can!

f1rststory said...

Well, I guess you're in TN now. Hmmmm....let's see what kind of posts we get now. Try to refrain from teeth and shoe material - both are overused. ;)