And so it begins.

This maybe a little complicated, see if you can follow.
I've decided to give myself a deadline - October 8th, 2006.
My goals are many, but the reason for this date lies in my quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
To do this I have to complete an official marathon in less than 3 hours 10 minutes and 59 seconds.
I've chosen the Towpath Marathon in Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park which is Oct. 8, 2006.

This in itself is a mighty aspiration knowing that my best time so far is 3:25:52 - that's a big time difference to overcome.
But like I said before, my goals are many, and qualifying is but one.
For the good of my growing family I need to man up and choose a career.
I have a little over 14 weeks to find a job that will relieve Sweet Beth of our financial obligations.
Of course, the earlier the better for this one, every day that passes only adds to our stress level.

Recently I was told that my fundraising organization, Team ION, was "going nowhere".
It may have been true at the time, but I won't let the potential fall away.
In addition to raising money for running and completing this marathon, I will rebuild Team ION.
My goal is to raise $20,000 - I only need 80 athletes to raise $250 a piece - you can be one of them.
The money will serve the needs of underprivleged youth.

As I sit here, I have a handfull of responsibilities that I am committed to.
Integrity, I believe, is of utmost importance.
It is my intention to fulfill each obligation
Because integrity is based on the consistency of words and actions.
Again, the faster these are satisfied the better.

As I post this, I hope that my typing is not in vein.
Though my audience is small, I am asking you to join me.
Foremost, I need your acountibilty in all aspects of this deadline.
Training takes commitment, so keep me honest and ask me how my run went.
Even better, come run with me.

If you're willing to run with me, perhaps you're willing to enter a race.
Don't be intimidated by the marathon either, a 5k is a race as well.
Team ION is looking for athletes of all skill and endurance levels.
So, pick a race, any race then ask friends and family to support you.
It only takes $250 to earn an exclusive Team ION Jersey.

Yesterday, I began my training.
Today, I continued.
I ran by myself, except for a neighbor's dog.
Tomorrow, I hope that you're thoughts and prayers will be with me.
Or, maybe you'll start your own training and I'll lend my thoughts and prayers to you.

-well alright-


sekondstory said...

J.T, I got your back and you have my prayers!

Everyone else,
Tim and I training for the Mars Hill Climb in mid August, and we want jerseys! So if you won't run with us..sponsor us!.

ps: John, if I run with you, you won't be making your 3:10 time. I could probably keep up on my long board, however ;)

BirkenEarthyKel said...

If I was going to be here, I would run. Does that count?

Don't worry John, I talked to Ross and we're taking team ION to Doha when we leave here in August! So whoever told you that team ION is "going nowhere" they can shove it. It's going halfway across the world mate ;)

f1rststory said...

dude - i just got my new shoes in today...which means now I can run. My old ones were crap. And, I'm running in the Climb and I'm going to raise some money for you too. ION has potential. I wouldn't tell you unless I really thought so. I think your showing up at the 8's and the possum will help you locally. I wish I was going to be here and I would help.

And as for the marathon...10 minutes is nothing. I'd have to shave like an hour or so off... ;)

messera said...

How can an organization centered around running (and by definition goign somewhere) be "going nowhere" -- now that's just silly! ;o) Happy Birthday!!

f1rststory said...

ummm...kickflipping the longboard...yep...i'll show you. ;)

AmberShea said...

I have this sick feling in my stomach telling me that i need to do more than just buy an ion t-shirt. I think God is reminding me that i need to be a good steward of my body as well as my time and money. i guess he has intrusted that to me too. I have always been really intimadated by running (i have always said i can't run), i have never ran more than a mile and a half. But i believe that i can run.... i might come in last but it would be a big deal for me to even run a 5k. plus i have always really wanted to be able to run. If you need me i will be one of your athletes and i will talk to my roomates about it too. I will "run in such a way to get the prize" even if the prize has nothing to do with winning.

i guess i need to get in shape. : )

f1rststory said...

amber you can run with us in the climb.... ;)