Audience Participation

We had an extended visit on the mainland to say the least. We never expected that two weeks back home would ever be so involved. The stories we could tell are so broad that I don't know where to begin, so here's the deal: I'm listing some topics for you guys. I WILL NEED FULL PARTICIPATION FROM EVERYONE WHO ENJOYS THIS BLOG. Simply post a comment with your top 3 topics from the list. The top 2 most popular will be posted shortly.

-In No Particular Order-
A. My New Bike! (A synopsis of our Christmas swag)
B. Beth's PaPa! (1926- 12.31.2005)
C. Who's got the weirdest family (A debate featuring our families most colorful characters)
D. My triumph over the United Airlines Reservation Agent (An exhausting but satisfying ordeal)
E. What happens when a drunk neighbor meets the blind uncle (an uncomfortably hilarious true story)

Thanks in advance for your whole hearted participation.


f1rststory said...

OK - I already know about your new bike - which is way sweet, btw. And I am sad to hear about Beth's Papa, and I know that would be hard to write about, so I am voting on C, D & E.

Now, what's bad is, if I'm the only one to vote, how do you come up with the top 2?

sekondstory said...

OK, I commented before Tim.....where did it go? oh well, I said C,D, and E too.

AmberShea said...

C D and E most definetly! ; )

f1rststory said...

looks like everyone's starting to say the same things, so I'm going out on a limb and narrowing mine down to C & E. HAH

sekondstory said...

bad timing on the poll... Tonya's monitor went bad and steve's cpu fan went kapoohie. That's 3 bloggers out. :(

Johnny T said...

Oh well thanks for down low-we will move forward without them-this ain't the marines. C & D it will be. Stay tuned

Tonya said...

is it too late to vote? c, d & e