Beth's 2 Things Tuesday

two things to remember when being a patient in the hospital.
1. there is no such thing as privacy
2. if you are nice to your nurse she will be nice to you.


sekondstory said...

yeahhh!!!!! a profile pic! ya'll are too cute!
A friend of mine told me that her labor and delivery nurse told her that the # 1 request from the new moms is sponge baths. I was shocked. no way would I ask for that nor let it happen. I have deep admiration for you and all those in your profession...this comment is for beth, of course. :)

AmberShea said...

Beth~ me, my roommate and one of her old friends were eating dinner tonight and started talking about how they terrorized their Doe River Camp Counselor by saying up all night. I asked who their counselor was and they said I think that her name is Beth... I was like Beth Teilhet??? And they were like no, then I said Beth Carr and they said yeah... I had the privilege of telling them you are no longer a camp counselor but a traveling nurse living with her husband in Hawaii. They were more than jealous of you. After reading your 2/2 I thought to myself… being a nurse would be sort of like being a camp counselor…sometimes fun, sometimes hard, long hours, but all the time rewarding. I am excited to work out at the Gorge this summer. I have decided it is an all around good way to prepare for life. : )

Johnny T said...
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Johnny T said...

that is so funny, yeah i remember those girls, they were boy crazy and wired on candy, but fun. you will have a blast at the gorge this summer. you will make a great counselor.

9:59 PM

f1rststory said...

so, you don't spit in little japanese mens food do you?

Nicole said...

love the cute picture! you look so good together. john's poop confession was hilarious! i hope you guys end up close to us one day! i miss you tons! eric mccarty sent me your blog site today! that's how i got on! nicole teal