He's on my mind a lot.
He's been on my mind today.


sekondstory said...

It is amazing how when you miss someone they suddenly become every where, when I see a guy w/ the same build or when I hear someone say something that sounds just like him, instantly he's in my head.
I know you miss him John I can only imagine how much and from taking measure from my own void I know you have a vast hole to fill.
You were a great friend to him. I have so many memories of you two together. You were a great friend to him!

Steve said...

His birthday was Feb 12. I've got it in my calendar to send a card to the Oylers--nothing fancy, just a "praying for you today." Now in case I forget, you all know.

JT--did you read this? or this? I still hit that funk a couple of times a week. You are one of the others who was almost "symbolic" for me.

Johnny T said...

I really like this picture. I think I took it, or maybe Carl did. It's of Rob on the Oregon coast; I think the sun on his face is impressive and the wind was so strong that it's pushing him back a little. Seems like he's thinking about something, or maybe just soaking in the last of the day before the sun was swallowed by the water.

Steve- I've read those more than once, and I knew when I read it that you were thinking of me, among others. I like to think of my life, my actions and words, as a reflection of those who've shaped me; I think it helps to keep me accountable.
You know this, but maybe others don't; You were there when I accepted Christ at Greenville camp. I'm proud to be "symbolic".

Lisa-thanks, it's nice to hear.

AmberShea said...

Last Friday I told Lisa about a dream I had about Robbie the night before, we both were in tears by the end of my dream.
I dreamt that I was wondering through a big house and Robbie was standing in one of the rooms... I went up to him and gave him a big hug; it felt he had never been gone. Nonchalantly I asked him... Robbie how's heaven? Quietly but happily he said, “its awesome.” I went on to ask him …will we know each other when I get there and he said with a smile “yeah Amber we will.” I woke up shaking and told my roommate about the dream. The dream was so real and clear, it definitely shook me up but it comforted me at the same time. Robbie had looked so good in the dream; he just had a glow about him.
I think about Robbie all the time and it still hurts. I met him my freshman year of high school and I thought that he was so hansom. (I think it’s only natural to have a crush on your best friend’s older brother; at least it was for me) When Kari broke off the engagement I was sure that one day he would marry me. You have those naive dreams when you are young, but it still hurts when you realize those dreams will never come true. I don’t have as many memories of Robbie as most of you all but I cherish the ones I do. I often wonder if he thought about me just as “his little sisters best friend” or if he really considered me a friend. I hope that he did because I absolutely adored him. Sorry about the long comment.

f1rststory said...

not sure what to say, except that i miss him too. there was so much...hard to type while you're crying...i know rob knew that i loved him and counted him as a friend...i know i've told you that too. i've been wanting to avoid posting b/c i really miss him. i know you do too tremendously - a lot of people do. this sucks. i can't even think straight. just knew i had to type something whatever babble it may be...