5 things about beth

so john tagged me a while ago so here are five things
1. i sleep on my side with one of my legs propped up in the air by another leg(the funny thing is that i have done this for a while without realizing it and then i found out that my dad sleeps in the exact same position)
2. i once was driving and a double wide stainless steal kitchen sink flew out of the back of the truck in front of me and hit my car.
3. once in high school, i was hit in the head by a football, that was making a field goal, the football hit me at the same time crazy football fanatics tackeld me trying to catch the winning ball.
4. i have recurrent dreams of all of my teeth falling out.
5. i have a concern about this new "live green, go yellow" campaign. ya know this thing about new cars running on fuel that is all natural and stuff and it is made out of corn. now don't get me wrong i am all about trying to be greener and not depend on oil. but you see, corn is my favorite food. i mean really i could eat corn on the cob for breakfast, lunch and dinner, i mean i have had dreams about corn. so i only fear that the whole new way of making fuel from corn will drastically raise the price of this precious food and then i won't be able to afford to eat it when i want.


Tonya said...

#4- me too!

Jen said...

Actually, my psych professor told me that recurring dreams about teeth falling out is a subconscious fear of growing old.

What's your take?

Johnny T said...

Coincedently, The Today Show had a segment on dreams this morning and they brought up this very dream (#4). Their explaination was fear of losing face, or doing something that would make a person look bad. They also mentioned that many people who have this dream have nice teeth.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

You know, you'd love Doha. We have stands in malls etc, called Magic Corn. Rather than feeding your kids crappy mc donald's fries and chocolate, you can buy them a cup of corn for only $1! Fresh, steamed corn, with anything you want on it: butter, salt, pepper, lemon, tobasco, etc. anything. It's awesome. We LOVE magic corn!

f1rststory said...

ok beth - as for the corn thing...

A - it's not new - our 2000 Dodge caravan runs on ethanol and gas (E85 or reg87,89,92/3) - so I wouldn't worry too mauch about the prices.

B- corn is really a cow food. ;) did you know that most places in the world won;t eat corn because it doesn;t really digest.


never mind the evolution stuff - but the way we are is true.


AmberShea said...

I have been without a car for over a month, my jeep had its transmition replaced and now its being held captive till someone comes to rescue it(pay for it). I wish that it ran on corn. but honestly everywhere i need to go is just a couple of miles away i just need to start running or walking or riding Lisa's bike.

Tonya said...

i don't have nice teeth. they're like strong and stuff, no cavities, but they are all yellow and i have this horrible gap in the front ( my kids have it too)...maybe i'm just worried that if i don't take care of htem, they'll fall out. most paople in my family have awful teeth and many of them have just gone ahead and gotten them knocked out and gotten false ones put in.
have i mentioned that my family is a bunch of rednecks from the back country of Virginia?

Steve said...

So... doesn't your foot fall asleep?

Anonymous said...

The reason you have dreams about your teeth falling out is from living in TN too long.