Duo Tuesday

1. We've just returned from the island of Lanai, after a two day camping trip. We had a good time.
2. We don't want to go to work.


sekondstory said...

If I am going to vicariously live through you guys I will need more details ;)

BirkenEarthyKel said...

looks nice, I haven't been camping in ages. I'm envious. I'd like a little more detail too ;)

p.s. john, i've not found anything for you yet that would be worth while. still looking. Most of the jobs i'm seeing are for "nationals", not expats

Johnny T said...

Have no fear, I will fill you in soon enough.

Christy Harris said...

hey john and beth! it's the long lost christy pinyard...still in JC, TN. but no worries...i like it. i don't know how else to get in touch with you guys. My husband is from hawaii and still has family there and i think we're going there for new year's next year. will you still be there? they all live on oahu. the gross island in my opinion. no offense to the locals. anyway, i'd love to hear from you guys. i'm not a blogger but you can email me at christypinyard@hotmail.com . also, if you could send me the jensen's addresses too i would be stoked! hop you are doing fabulous. I wish i was camping on a beautiful island! i have to run because i'm in the public library and it smells like goodwill. i can't stand it any longer. catch you later.