I need a title

How I came to be who I am today, I am not entirely sure. I don't care to analyze it, at least not right now. I'm sitting in my kitchen/dining/living room right now wishing I had a book to read. I've finished all the ones I have on hand. Gifts given to me these days are usually books, in fact, I received several this last Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn't bring them all back to Hawaii. When I get back to Tennessee I'll get to read about an illusive species of woodpecker which was thought to be extinct, I'm looking forward to it.

What's strange is this; I haven't always enjoyed reading. I can remember reading three books for pleasure k-12, and then in college I would read my text books cover to cover because I liked it. Somewhere along the lines after highschool, I traded in video games and occasionally T.V. for a book. This may surprise you, as I probably don't strike you as a reader. It surprises me too. This isn't the only anomaly of my life though, believe it or not I've developed a respectable work ethic. Just ask Chris Reynolds. Before I left for Montreat I worked for Chris for about two weeks. I dug trenches, laid some piping, poured concrete, and did most of the other hands on jobs while Chris sat looking pretty in his backhoe. I'm pretty sure Chris may have been a little hesitant about hiring me, but in the end he was impressed. I remember him saying I was the best worker he'd had. Not to shabby for not having a real job until I was 20 or so.

Anyway, here's my point; I need some titles to read. I looked over everyone's profiles to check out the favorite books list (Penny's was most helpful). I know I'll probably read Life of Pi sometime, so thanks Lisa. If you've got a suggestion, bring it.


Tonya said...

you didn't mention that I have NO booklist :)

It doesn't surprise me that you like to read. it has been surprising me the past several weeks as i have been getting to know you better...and as an adult. you've come up with some stuff that surprises me, but make it obvious that you enjoy learning new things, so reading is not a surprise.

The stuff i like to read is usually brainless non enriching fluff, so i won't recommend anything. the stuff i have read lately that isn't fluff would be better suited to your wife :)...and a diet book


f1rststory said...

OK - Fact or fiction? Here's some for ya...

Fact - Right Turns, Michael Medved; How to Talk to A Liberal (if you must), Ann Coulter; Thinking for a Change, John C. Maxwell; The Book on Leadership, John MacArthur; First, Break All The Rules, Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman; The Next Generation Leader, Andy Stanley; ...and one of my favorites, I don't care if your in sales or not, but - Jeffery Gitomer's Little Red Book of Selling.

Fiction (not sure what you like, but) - The Annotated Thursday, G.K. Chesterton; The Space Trilogy (3 books), C.S. Lewis (I personally like these better than the Narnia series); Most anything by James Rollins if you like Indiana Jones type stuff, but way more sophisticated and stuff by Nelson DeMille if you like espionage, military type stuff.

I can list a ton of stuff here b/c I love to read too, but I think this is probably enough to get you started.

01cent said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with reading people magazine. It actually has some very informative information you would never get anywhere else and it is all true!!!! I think you should go get a Charles Schultz collection of Snoopy comic strips. Snoopy has a lot of wisdom for a dog. The last book I read was George W. Bush: A Man of Faith. It was a really good book. I'm also in need of some ideas of good books to read, but I'm not the deep reader type. I need something that speaks to the not so intellectually inclined. That's why people magazine works for me.......

Messera said...

I have to read so much "intellectually stimulating" (or maybe not so intellectual or stimulating) stuff for work that I've actually become a big fan of anything Dave Berry or Bill Bryson---anything that makes me laugh and but doesn't make me think ;o) However, since i know you're a "thinking man" (I believe i knew this since the first conversation we ever had driving somewhere in your big old truck)--The last book that I read for pleasure and REALLY liked (both because it made me think and it captivated my imagination) was "The Quiet American" GOOD. :o)

Steve said...

The Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker is fascinating. It's a fictional account of the first century church. Longenecker is a proffessor in Scotland and has taken much historical research and created a series of "lost" letters between a wealthy Roman aristocrat and Luke (yes, the Luke). It is remarkable and very engaging. Further, he adds an appendix to help sort what can be factually demonstrated from his speculation.

It's not People, though.

Anonymous said...

Walk Across America..Peter Jenkings

BirkenEarthyKel said...

My husband is a librarian.
What kind of books interests you? Obviously nature non-fiction...you mentioned something about a woodpecker who was thought to be extinct.

Johnny T said...

Nice! Thanks, these are all books I probably wouldn't have picked myself, which is good right?
Most of the ones I've read have been nature, adveture related, but that's because I know I'll be into them.
Some I've read:
Into the Wild-awesome
The Tracker-really good
Education of Little Tree-really good
Touching the Void-unbelievable

All of these wear non-fiction accounts of an event or lifestyle.

AmberShea said...

I don't know how you feel about "Christian" books but I am a big fan of Blue Like Jazz and I have heard that:
Through Painted Desserts
Searching for God knows What
and To Own a Dragon
were even better Don Miller books...so I plan on reading them next. BLJ is a quick, easy, fun read but it does challenge your heart. I also am planning on reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning and Don't Waste your Life by Dr. John Piper.
I suck at reading and concentrating. but I enjoy it immensly when I get into it.

non Christian books - Heart of Darkness, it was tough for me but i am sure that it would be a breeze for you, A Raisin in the Sun, and I Haven't read it but i heard that _ A million little pieces_ will chage your Life ~ In philosophy we were reading J.S. Mill's On Liberty. its a pretty neat book.

sekondstory said...

If you like "Little tree", you should like "Walk across America", not that they are anythng a like but good reads, I loved both myself. As far as Life of Pi, I have been struggleing through it on the latter end, it was great in the beggining. You might enjoy it more as some sections I think are a little too grusome for me. I will let you have my copy next time you are home.

Steve said...

I'd like to read The Motorcycle Diaries, it's about Che Guevara (one of the "revolutionaries" that put Castro in power) and the literal journey that took him to communism, or something like that.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Steve, I've read Motorcycle Diaries, it is really really great. I've seen the movie too...definately a good read and watch!

Anonymous said...

The Life and Times of Woody Hayes.