BUFFALO WINGS ....mmmmmmm....

Beth has a wide variety of emotion, John has one.
He likes the scenic route, she likes shortcuts.
She's not scared to throw things in the pot, he needs a recipe.
He likes to read, she likes to talk.
She likes sushi, he likes chopsticks.
He wants to understand the process, she only needs to see the results.
She's a doer, He's a thinking about doing.
He likes Pepsi, Her drink is Coca-Cola Classic.
She likes chocolate, He likes vanilla.
He loves animals, she loves people.
She remembers details, He remembers vaguely.
He can't stand clutter, she doesn't notice it.
She likes the party, he likes the presents.
He's a train, she's a rollercoaster.
and on and on and on.

All this to bring up the point that Beth and I compliment each other more than we mirror each other, and that's just fine with both of us. A lot of times we approach situations differently, but we often get the same outcome.
This weekend we went to see Aaron and Amy. We arrived at their temporary apartment, said the customary "so good to see you's", and after seeing their new house (which is really nice), we set off to find a place to dine. This can be a long ordeal, especially in a city with countless restaurants to choose from. However, I was deadset on having wings, which left us with only one decision to be made; which Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3s) should we go to? The closest one of course.
The awesome thing about BW3s is their tasty variety of sauces. No good wing joint is without mild, medium, or hot, and BW3s is a very good joint. Not only do they offer the usual spicy flavors; their spectrum includes terriyaki, mango habernero, garlic, and blazin.

When it comes to bad service, Beth and I aren't quite on the same page. She demands the service she deserves, and I tend to be a little more forgiving. If I'm served food with a shard of razor sharp glass in it, chances are I'll just eat around it. If Beth's salmon tastes fishy, you can bet it's going back to the kitchen. The funny thing about both of these scenarios is that they both really happened. That's the good thing about wings, how can anything go wrong at a wing place?

Turns out that this particular BW3s wasn't used to having a full house, and that's just what they had when a highschool choral group showed up just when we were walking through the doors. It was no matter though, surely they would serve us at the bar before a bunch of highschoolers. Nope, no such luck. We didn't just sit and sip on our drinks for an hour; we didn't even get to play the quiz game because our server never brought our gamepad, much less our measly order of 18 wings and a couple salads.

Fortunately, we were in good company, so it was shaping up to be another memorable and funny event we'll tell each other later on. On the other hand, all four of us were hungry, and one of us was pregnant, so she was doubly hungry. We found ourselves at a crossroads; do we wait it out, or do we pay what we owe and walk out? Surely, the wings were just on the other side of the kitchen door. Surely, we'd be the first to be served, even though every other group at the bar was waiting as well. Like I said, there were four of us, Amy, Aaron, Beth and myself, and we each had our own opinion of the situation.
Amy: Very Hungry, willing to wait a couple more minutes
Aaron: Hungry, ready to go, ready to stay, but fedup with the poor service
Beth: Hungry, ready to fix the situation and fixing to walk out
Myself: Hungry, focused on eating some wings willing to wait and write a letter later

Did you catch that? Do you see the difference between me and Beth? She's not afraid of confronting the problem, and getting what she deserves right then and there. Me, I'm patient and can stand some inconvenience and then I'll go to the top and wait for my retribution. I actually kind of enjoy a situation like this. I like to be able to gather my thoughts and write a pointed letter that will demand results. So, what did we do?

We left, but only after Beth rightly pointed out to our server that the whole deal was ridiculous. How hard is it to fix some wings, especially if wings are the specialty. I will be writing a letter shortly; I'll let you know how it turns out.

-well alright-


bekah said...

oh, it's so good to see your beautiful faces! how are you? i think of you from time to time in this big city. like a few weeks ago when i went to Flat Top. or...when i have to move anything bulky in or out of my condo. :) (thanks again.)
john, i love your comparison of your personalities, by the way. it made me laugh out loud. i'm glad i get to keep track of you two, now.


sekondstory said...

You go girl! ( that was directed at Beth of course)
So, what did you eat?

BirkenEarthyKel said...

I LOVE wings. Unfortunately, they are not a concept in the middle east.
Yeah, I want to know what you ended up with too.
Hi BekaH!!
Why don't you comment on my blog? Miss you, hope we can get together this summer :)
I used to be like Beth and then when you realize that you're in a country where no one really gives a crap about what you want and they have no interest or concept of customer service and actually find your anger amusing (Oh look at red, freckle-faced white girl!), you move past it. We pretty much take what we can get around here.

murph411 said...

Oh to give wings to the masses in Africa...

Jonny W said...

Well I don't know if I know anyone else on this site, but I listened to your little audio file, and it was pretty funny to hear you voice. I didn't even know you got hitched, so congratulations, it is good to hear a lot of old explorer's are doing well.
well later,


f1rststory said...

JT - post the letter on your blog. ;) That always works - then send them the link.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Hey Tim! That's a great idea! Not to mention, we get see John's grammar skills and consumer dissatisfaction at work!

Johnny T said...

Good idea Tim. I tried to find their corporate address, but haven't yet. I will post the letter.
Oh and we ended up eating some really good wings at a local place down the road.

AmberShea said...

I thought... (my friends and i always have called it) it was BW2's - buffalo wild wings - with two W's????? so where did BW3's come from? jw : )

Johnny T said...

You know i'm wondering the same thing, as far as i know the 3 goes back to the original name which had since changed