Easter is comming up, it is one of my favorite holidays. That is one think that my parents did well, they always did something to try and make me and my siblings feel special. To this day I still get an easter basket, and Santa still brings me gifts. I know alot of people hate the commericalizm of the holiday's and the focus of Chirst is sometimes lost, but i think it is important to celebrate these holiday's with family, and with whatever traditions you wish. Shouldn't we be praising God and thankful for the Cross everyday. Shouldn't the importance of Jesus's birth be lived out in our every day life. So as easter approaches I will look at my life reflect, on what Jesus has done for me, and be thankful. I will praised God for sending his son and I will try to live out the love that Jesus has given to me.
I will also spend the weekend with my family, going to Church together,everyone getting dressed up, taking our traditional easter picture. We will sit down and have a home cooked meal and then have an easter egg hunt, (my dad puts money in the plastic eggs, so it can get a bit dangerous if you are not careful) . I am so thankful that I have such good memories of family time together, and am so thankful that my parents have done such a good example for me to follow in how to really show Christ's love no matter what.
I hope that when john and i have a family we will be able to do the little things to make our kids feel special and loved.
well that's all
Happy Easter!


Johnny T said...

It really is fun to hunt for those money eggs.

sekondstory said...

Yeah, I think there is this weird guilt that Christians can sometimes feel if they celebrate christian holidays with the typical American traditions. I don't, feel guilty that is.
We do Santa, and the Easter buuny. But what we don't do, is go over board. At Christmas the focus is Christ's birth. Santa brings one gift and a stocking, everything else is from Mom and Dad. I really don't want to give Santa all the credit for the toys anyway :)

Just this morning Luke and I were lounging on my bed before we started the morning rush to get to school. We were talking about Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I hadn't mentioned anything about the Easter bunny or eggs, just because it didn't fit into the conversation. But as we were getting up he said "so what do the eggs have do with it, why don't we just praise Him"? I just said the eggs have nothing to do with it, it is just something fun to do on Easter day. I think he gets it. The bunny/eggs don't take anything away, it is just something fun to do with the family. And, we will praise Him.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

eggs with money sounds good! I mean really, one can only eat so many hardboiled eggs.
I'm telling you, the middle east is the perfect place for people who don't like the commercialism of Christian holidays. No Santa here, and certainly no Easter Bunny! I think there is one "party" shop in town that sells easter grass for $6 a bag. I can pull grass out of my yard and replace it for less than that ;)

phillip said...

well it wasnt an official 10K ..around Boone Lake...its The Barn 10K..you should come run it...Ive made a list of all the upcoming races nearby..looking for a running mate

f1rststory said...

JT&B (not to be confused with PB&J) - you'll make great parents!

sekondstory said...

you definitly need to name your kid something that starts with a P so that ya'll can be "pb&j" :)

Anonymous said...

i like it when there's money in the eggs.. but don't you think it's a little over the edge when Greg takes out the money/candy and puts in dog poop.... ridiculous i say.
i'm part of your family too. i think you need to put pictures of me on your blog. ?

love ya