I'm a working man.

I've been helping out a plumber for the last week, and will be for the next month or so. I know what you're thinking...how's my plumber's crack coming along? Well, as far as I'm concerned that's something that has to be earned, and I've only been on the job three days. Don't worry though I'll post pictures as mine develops. So far it's been a good job; I like it. I work for a good ol boy from elizabethton; he talks real fast and works real hard. We only work on new constructions, so I don't have to mess with anybody's mess.
The best thing about this job is that I'm getting paid to learn a practical skill. When I went in on Tuesday I didn't know a lick about plumbing, and three days later I've gotten to help lay out and install a complete house with PVC and copper. Mostly, my boss measures, I cut, and then he'll fit it. More and more though, I've gotten to do a little more, like sweat joints and glue the pipes. I'm no pro, but I should have a pretty good handle on it after a month right?

Happy Easter if I don't see you

-well alright-


Tonya said...

oh boy, you've "gotten to do a little more, like sweat" (I have visions of Kel's plumber with the wads upon wads of TP down the toilet)
I'm glad you've got a job though, and someday those skills will come in VERY handy- especially when you have 3 boys of your own!
I'd say you'll be a pro by the time Tim is ready to run the water lines- and he's always looking for a cheaper way to get the job done...you may be working slave labor for him and L, you know those free dinners come with a price tag!
Happy Easter

sekondstory said...

Yeah and think of the knowledge you'll gain when you help Tim build our footers and basement walls. ;)

murph411 said...

Man there is just nothing better than sweating pipes with your butt crack hanging in the breeze. Ah, your post brings back memories. I have 3 mission trips this summer and maybe, just maybe I'll get such an opportunity.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Fist off, Michael, you have NO butt.

second, as Tonya mentioned my MANY plumbing needs, at least you're not working with dirty toilets barefooted and for me.

Sheeze, free dinners as a teenager comes with tags? Why haven't you hit me up yet Ton?