At last.

Take my word, our absense in posting isn't due to a lack of material. We've been busy. Road trips, ultrasounds, old friends, Team ION, Doe River R & D, marathon training, moose hunting, crying mother in laws, new jobs, and on and on. As for the photo fiasco, we've decided to live and learn and learn to live without. Ah well, we'll take some more, and dig out whatever photo cd's we've collected and build a new library. On that note, if you have any photos that Beth or myself might be interested in having (i.e. photos of us) send them along.

Our road trip was well worth the time and distance it cost us. New York and our New York host were nothing less than memorable. The city itself was so hot, at least once Beth had to seek shade whilst I did my best to cool her off with a frosty bottle of water on the nape of her neck, and Peter, well, he's always memorable no matter the situation. Only he could make a shady first floor apartment feel like home. Among other entertaining big city events, we found ourselves just beneath and to the right of the Brooklyn bridge, watching an outdoor presentation of an A. Hitchcock film with a few hundred other city dwellers. It felt very small town, but at the same time, no small town could pull together the ambiance that Brooklyn at night offers.

Maine offered us countless B & B's and a whole state to explore, although we stayed in only two, both of which were in the region they call "Downeast". Actually, the first was just outside Acadia National Park. We were promised Moose, but only found moose tracks and a couple porcupines. The second was in Boothbay Harbor, and was the nicest Bed & Breakfast I've ever stayed in; you should know, though, that I've only stayed in two. Then there were the lobsters, I know I've had my fill for at least a year.

Our Boston experience lasted less then 24 hours, but that's all we needed to understand that the city would be an awesome place to live, at least in the summer time. You got your historical significance, your lively park and rec department, your healthy running community, and a nicely unique New Elngland culture. All in all I didn't mind being there, in fact, I liked it alot, despite the absence of any wilderness. We even made the time to stop by the Bull and Fince, the original inspiration for Cheers.

I'll have to end it here for now, but the story goes on, and I might just tell you about whether you're interested or not.

-well alright-


Wendy said...

You guys are so cool. What a neat time! Steve or I have never been to Boston or Maine. I would love to see it sometime.

Baberaham said...

We ate pizza at some joint under the bridge. It was really good. On our way back to the city, Baby Lincoln had to pee. I wanted to let her pee in a trash can, but Babe Sr. wouldn't let me let her do it. We even had an umbrella to hide the whole thing.

messera said...

I've only had "real lobster" (as in out of the lobster shell, not in soup) once. it was amazing :o) but it sorta reminded me of eating a huge bug -- with all those legs and everything, hehe. Beth looks beautifulglowingpregnant! I'm jealous ya'll got to hang out with Peter. Glad you had a great time!

sekondstory said...

Sounds like fun but I bet you would have had more fun at the beach with us ;)

Anonymous said...

Man you guys live the life: your always somewhere or going somewhere cool. Life doesnt get much better than eating fresh maine lobster (so I hear).

BirkenEarthyKel said...

man, i've missed out. i have a lot of catching up to do!