my first mom moment

so being pregnant is kind of fun, you get lots of attention from all kinds of people,
they will tell you to take care of yourself, don't overdo it, don't lift anything, but i have noticed
that older people always tell me the same thing "don't fall" i think it is really cute. well i was out
at doe river the other day taking a friend around on a tour of the cabins when i did the unthinkable.
Yes i fell, the funny thing was it wasn't a hard fall or anything, but it did freak me out a bit, because i
keep hearing "don't fall" it was the first time that i felt like a mom, i am responsible for somebody else's well
being. i am sure it is the first of many mom moments to come.
Oh just an update on little baby Teilhet,
we are having a little girl and she is kicking regulary, i am feeling better, not as tired or nauseated. but the hart burn has
john says i should use spell check, but i disagree, i feel like that is being fraud like, it's just not like me to spell correctly, anyways spelling is not all that inportant as long at the beginning and end letters are correct, that is what people recognize anyway.


messera said...

That's totally true! if you mix up all the other letters, but the first and last ones are right, most people can read the words as easily as if they were normal. (i learned that in college, where i assume, i might have learned other stuff as well...but don't really remember much.) you look great by the way!

sekondstory said...

You're going to make a great mom!

When I was pregnant with Libby (big pregnant) I was walking our great dane and the neighbor walked by with her dog. Daisy the great dane took off while I held on to her leash with a death grip, not wanting my dog to eat her's. She dragged me across the yard! No harm done, atleast as far as we can tell ;)

Baberaham said...

Yea for girls!!!

Lola said...

Hey, I've actually never met you but I'm Mark Brown's wife. We wanted to see how the pregnant couple were doing. Congrats on the girl! And I fell twice while pregnant... once in front of all Mark's friends at work and another time coming out of the Grocery store on the ice with bags in my hand :) super embarrassing. Anyway, Hope things go well with the rest of your pregnancy.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

a girl, fun!
i never fell while pregnant, but ross is always giving me flack about how infamous i was for whacking thier heads on door jams and walls while walking through the house with the. oh, and i actually dropped cashion once, not from my direct height but it was still a drop. hahaha! If i can manage you'll be great!

anjali said...

Im pretty honored to have been that tourist friend who witnessed the occasion. I'd have to say it was a nice fall though I wish I'd recognized the significance of the first 'mom moment'at the time....unfortunately im entirely ignorant of the emotions/general experience of childbearing but totally looking forward to the day when I can relate!

looks like the necessary instincts are intact in your case. including disdain for spellcheck. way to appraise the priorities. agreed, you're gonna be a great mom.