Shame, Shame, Shame

So about the crying mother in law incidents - I promise they were unintentional. Let me explain. It's no secret that I've made Bethany cry once or twice, but to my own credit she cries at the drop of the hat. Little did I know that she inherited this trait from her mother. One would think I would have found this out by now, since we're moving in to our third year of marriage.

After our short stint in Boston, we drove westward to our final destination before home - Canton, Ohio. Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Kimm and Connie - my inlaws - quality couple really. We and the rest of the Carr clan all met up at Kimm and Connie's for a weekend with the fam. It's never a bad time up there, food is a plenty and little Bug (the youngest of the family) had the whole weekend planned out.

We hit up the ice cream shop, the pontoon boat on the lake, Trader Joe's, and a real nice visit to an island on lake Erie (Connie wouldn't let us swim in Lake Erie, apparently it's incredible polluted). We even did a family bike ride along the tow path, well I ran because it's the very same path that my next marathon will be run on. Oh yeah, and because Connie is well connected in NorthEast Canton, Ohio we got to squeeze in a freebie ultrasound as well.

I can't recall which incident came first, but one was a little more unexpected than the other, I'll let you decide if the tears were deserved or not. The first came when I mentioned to Beth that there was a job opening in Colorado. It was one of those "you gotta know somebody to get it" jobs, and I actually knew somebody this time, so I was kind of excited. It didn't work out though, because the job had been filled before I even had a chance to send my resume. At any rate, it was only the passing mention of this opportunity that set Connie off. At first I thought she was acting or playing around - "oh, you're going to take my grandbaby away". All of the sudden I look over to see real bonified tears streaming down. A little awkward to say the least. I mean what do I do in a situation like this - "oh...uh...sorry...I'll try to find another opportunity in an outdoor mecca ....here in Ohio". I would try if there were any outdoor meccas in Ohio.

The other incident was a touch more understandable from Connie's point of view. While on the Island, we rented golfcarts; everybody on the island drove around on golfcarts. Kimm got a four passenger, then Greg (oldest) and I got two passenger carts to drive our wives around. We didn't count on them having speed govoners. We were disappointed to find that the max speed was only a hair past walking speed.

We made a day of it anyway, and pushed the little carts to their limits. We were tailgaiting and zigzagging, and having cart to cart pushing contests - all of which worked on Connie's last nerves. It wasn't till half the morning went by until it dawned on me that the carts might go faster in reverse.

The reverse driving didn't last very long because, once again, my actions caused Connie to shed a few. It happened as I was fast approaching the four passenger cart, where Kimm and Connie just happened to be sitting on the rear seat facing us. I was driving ( in reverse) and Beth was in the passenger seat. I cut the wheel sharply with the intention of pulling a 180. It worked perfectly. We spun around to find ourselves lined up right behind Kimm and Connie. It might have been alright had I not cut so hard as to push the cart to very limits of it's balance and put it up on three wheels. As we settled down, both Beth and I were pretty excited; high fives were flying....and then we looked ahead and saw dear ol Connie - head in hands and weeping.

I realized that I had found the limit and crossed it. The rest of the day went on without anymore evil knievel cart stunts.

All in all, I think I'm forgiven, and I'm definitely a little ashamed....but it's still a good story right?


bekah said...

oh, john... you were carrying her baby! and her baby's baby. poor connie. :) but really, if that's all you've done to make her cry (that, and threatening to move to CO), then i'd say you're doing pretty well.

Sweet Beth said...

yeah john forgot to tell you that all that night and the next day , i was sore from all the the crazy golf cart driving

Tonya said...

John, you will have many MANY more opportunities to upset you MIL, and I'm sure this wasn't the last...soon she'll be laughing about it :) just wait till the baby's born, then it'll be worse! (ha ha ha) I've pissed off my inlaws more than a couple times, and M has definately set my parents off too...oh well.

Canton is pretty close to where M grew up- I didn't know Beth was from Ohio! I'll ask him if he knows of anything or anyone who could help you find a job there. Also- let us know if you go up for any holidays, we usually go up for T-giving, we could hook up for lunch or go to the f-ball hall of fame or something else fun :)

Jen said...

Did Connie never have boys?

f1rststory said...

Oh man...I hope she realizes you're just breakin' her in for your kid...I mean...she does know you right? And is it that big of a differnece between TN and CO ? You don't live in OH anyway. Although it is her grandbaby in there.... ;)

sekondstory said...

I think for Connie's sake it's best not to get a job in Ohio. ;)

BirkenEarthyKel said...

hahahaha, i don't really have anything to say. that's just funny. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

John John John John John. There is an outdoor school mecca in Ohio. Shame on you. I am offended. The premier outdoor school in the midwest is in Ohio (www.joec.org)and I have offered to take you there, but you never take me up on it. It may not have mountains, but it still kicks ass. There is no better programming in the country. So, take it back. Take it back dude.