Two by Tuesday

1. "Invincible" is worth seeing, a little "RUDY"ish, but totally inspiring. It almost made want to devote time to following a team and becoming a fan for once in my life. It was fitting, too, that I saw it on Motivational Monday.

2. My friend "The Spaniard" has an awesome post, so check it out here.


f1rststory said...

1 - you should first pick a sport, then pick a team. There are lots of believers in pro sports who are easy to relate to. I can help you with that and people's stories that I know if you really want to get into it...

2 - that is a good post. I totally agree with him. It reminds me a little of another post on superheroes...hahaha

BirkenEarthyKel said...

i'm not a fan of "sport" stories, sorry. There is so much more in this world that is worth putting your time and efforts into than following sports. Playing sports,that's different. It's good for you, it's healthy.
Anyway, The Spaniard's post is cool. I just met woman who finished the trail in Northern Spain. She said she was gone for 5 weeks. I think that would be awesome.
Speaking of Super Hero's, did you see the movie Unbreakable with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis??? Good superhero movie.

Baberaham said...

My favorite part of the Rudy movie is when the big guy at the end of the movie starts chanting,"Rudy, Rudy," over and over. It really is funny.

I've always heard that pickpocteers were very common in Europe and to always wear your wallet, etc under your clothes.

Looks like a good year to be a UT fan. Have you ever been to a game in Knoxville. It's an experience.

sekondstory said...

That was a cool post!

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Hi Beth!
It should be getting a little closer to baby time on your end. When are you due again? YOu know, I tend to go through pregnancy and baby withdrawl. I have the baby part covered because a good friend of mine on our compound had a little girl this summer. BUT, I sure could use a preggy photo! :)Are you taking any Lamaze classes? The specialty hospital does (or did) a great parenting class that Ross and I attended when I was pregnant with Bergen.

Sweet Beth said...

I have not been able to find an acutal lamaze class in johnson city, specialty has a childbirth class that i think touches on some breathing relaxation but that is it.
Yes my belly is getting big, i am due Dec 24, i am only 25 weeks but my uterus measurses 27 weeks now.
oh it is going to be a long 3 more months,
i am supposed to cont. working up unitl Dec 14th, I am not sure how i am going to make it,
i will send some pics when i get a chance

f1rststory said...

dude - are you ever going to post again?

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Hey beth,

Look for a midwife in JC, I knew a woman who was a dula and she knew of actual Lamaze classes. A midwife should be able to point you in the right direction.
Boy, that's a big girl you're carrying in there! :)
Just a little suggestion, if you're planning on breastfeeding, pick up the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by the La Leche League, start reading it now! It's fantastic. You doing any yoga for pregnancy or anything? I imagine work has you pretty busy. Good luck hanging in there until December!!!

Sweet Beth said...

i have looked and tried to find a midwife but have had no luck. we got a lamze dvd that i think will be helpful, i am doing a yoga for pregnancy video that is great, and i do intend on breast feeding so i will look for that book, i got a guide book for a doula for john. any other suggestions you have would be great.