Why the Coke Pepsi War doesn't really matter.

As for Soda's, there's really not much worth drinking other than a good rootbeer. I'm no expert, but I have turned back a few different brew's over the years. One of the first things I look for when in a new town or region is the local rootbeer. Every single one seems to have it's own distinct taste. Now, I like the big name everyday rootbeers as well, but I do have favorites, and there are some that just aren't that good.

Here's a short list:
9. Virgil's
8. Barq's
7. Frostie
6. Mug
5. Jones
4. Thomas Kemper
3. Stewart's
2. A & W
1. Henry Weinhardt

There are many more, but these are the one's I actually remember having at least once, most of these I've had several times. Henry Weinhardt's is definitely the best I've had. It's a shame that it's not sold in the south. I like Henry so much that I bought one for everyone on my hall when I graduated from college. I first came across it back in Montana, and every time I have one now I remember those days. Now that I think about it, Henry's been around a lot since Montana. Beth and I would often enjoy one as we walked through the streets of Chicago, and we definitely enjoyed several sitting on the beach on Maui. He was at my Graduation, and since I don't smoke, I think I'll pass some out when my little girl comes along.
Of course, I couldn't mention Henry without thinking about Dirty Jon Wood, Chuck and my little buddy Mark, among others from my days back in Montana. So, here's to you fella's, next time you have one buy a bottle for me, cause I can't get it down here.

Incidentally, if you ever want to get me a present, check out Pop the Soda Shop.. This is the company I used to ship a case down to North Carolina when I graduated.


Jen said...

Have you ever tried St Arnold's Root Beer? It's the best I've ever had! Local here in Houston!

sekondstory said...

Which ones have caffine? I have found that some do and some don't.

Anonymous said...

you speak gospel truth about Henry's. Too bad I still live in the land of odd with no of it around. your little buddy

f1rststory said...

ok - so I read this and decide to click on the link to your little shop...and what do my wandering eyes surmise? Unfathomable! HOGAN ENERGY - http://www.popsoda.com/hoganenergy.html
Dude...i'm stocking up on this stuff... ;)

f1rststory said...

oh and btw - the henry weinhard is caffine free

Johnny T said...

Barq's has caffine

A & W, Mug do not.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

I love rootbeer.
When is your little girl supposed to be coming along? Sometime around October right?

Johnny T said...

Baby's due Dec 24. You may have missed Beth's comment on the last post if you haven't checked it.

Tonya said...

yummm, i much prefer RB to Coke or Pepsi. I haven't tried any local brews- where do you find them? just in generic grocery stores or do you have to hunt? Can you find Henry anywhere around Ackron/Canton? What about making your own- have you ever done that??

Chuck said...

those were the day's. Relaxing to Nickel Creek and drinking a Henry's. It doesn't get much better than this

anjhammin' said...

glad to see you've got taste for the finer things in life.

Sweet Beth said...

we have not been able to find henry's in canton,
but there is a resturant there that brew's there own, that is really good, the winking liziard, you should check it out next time you are up there.

Tonya said...

thanks beth!