I just don't get it.

When I was a kid I think I had a huge misconception of adults. I guess I figured there was a certain age that triggered an elevation in morality, and a sharp decrease in immaturity. I figured that at some point everyone's common sense leveled out, you know kind of like how the importance of age difference seems to disappear after highschool. Turns out that three years really isn't all that big of a deal, just look at beth and me.
The other day several hundred dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from my workplace. Fortunately, the security cameras did their job and the whole act was caught on tape. Who would have figured that some white haired old man would be a clepto? I haven't seen the tape myself, but apparently he used his shifty little hands to pocket several small items from all over the store. The whole deal just kinda makes me sick, he was even sly enough to break down and stash some very expensive flyrods, all the while keeping a conversation with one of the employees.
I'm big on integrity, this guy obviously isn't. It's hard for me to walk by a misplaced or fallen item in a grocery store without putting it back in it's place. Where I got this sense of responsibility I don't know, but I wish I could understand where this guy is coming from.

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sekondstory said...

I can't help you there....have know idea how some people can be so ballzie.

sekondstory said...

just wondering if it was going to show my second comment since it didn't show my first.

anjali said...

working at an old-folks home makes me realize that just as maturity, morality and all things "adult" should and usually do increase with age, i think there's a point of climax where everything starts to slide downhill again. logic and rational thought get a little dimmer and people revert back to diapers and mushy food. facts of life. I think its a brilliant showcase of the human condition... all our advances dont count for much, unless they're rooted in something deeper than personal "betterment". Im not even sure this is relevant to your situation. crazy what materialism can do to a person. or maybe this dude just gets his thrills out of stealing...? thanks for the thoughts to ponder.

Baberaham said...

People amaze me at what they are able to do.