Feeling a little wierd.

I'm here. Still.

I've been a little busy, it's true. Even so, I think I've failed to post for other reasons. Sometimes, recently, I've caught myself contemplateing deeply, not sure what brought it on. I think I just realized it's been a really long time since I've laughed really really hard. Rob and I used to laugh really hard, that's what we did alot. I'm going to be father soon. I'll have the chance to shape someone. I hope I don't screw it up. I've got a friend who sailed all summer long, and now he's learning to dogsled. I admire him for his priorities, they fit him. On Monday I start clinical as a CNA. I'll be working in a longterm care facility. So far the class as been a breeze, book work usually is for me. I'm afraid that the next two weeks will shape me more than I may be ready for.


Sweet Beth said...

John you don't have anything to worry about, you are going to be a great father. I love you. Thanks for working so hard for our family, I admire your priorities.

Anonymous said...

hey, you realize you'll be the new poop cleaner upper don't you? :) you'll be begging for baby diaper duty by the time you're finished with the longterm care facility! :) Good luck! Hope you're feeling well Beth!!

Anonymous said...

Sailing and dog sledding sound fun but your about to start the adventure of your life! You are going to be a great father....my kids worship you. ;)

f1rststory said...

hey dude, let's try to get together one day this week...lunch or dinner or something.

Johnny T said...

How bout wednesday, I'm done with clinical after 1:00pm.

f1rststory said...

ok- waking ned divine is a movie that makes me think about you now...when the naked old men ride the motorcycle, i think to myself...hmmmmmm...john may have to give them showers. The best ever. hahahahahahahah

couldn;t help it. ;)

Patti Clark Barnett said...

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