Tuesday two

1. We got a new camera, and it's awesome. The Canon S3 IS. Now that I've got a really cool camera, all I gotta do is learn how to take really cool pictures. Apparently, it doesn't do this automatically.

2. I've completed my 5 week CNA course. These past couple of weeks I've done more than a few things I've never thought I'd do. For instance:
I've given grown adults, men and women, showers and bed baths.
I've spoon fed people.
I've wiped butts.....old butts.
and on and on.

Some of it was a little awkward, I won't lie, but at the end if each day I realized more and more that these residents are real people with real needs, and I'm glad I could help them out. In between wiping and showering, I got to know several of the residents. Former fire chiefs, and highschool football coaches, and a lot of people who have been life long residents of E-Town. It really was a pleasent surprise to get to know them.
If you're interested in some of the awkward moments, here's one: Most of the time I was paired with the men, but a couple of days ago I had to give a women a shower. The first time I introduced myself her first words were, "You're Cute." I thought to myself, "Yeah, I know, but I think you're a little old". I found out later that she was a lot old, 94. She wasn't all together there mentally, but very pleasent and always smiling or giggling. I heard "You're cute as pie", or "You're pretty" about 50 times that day. When it came time to get her a shower, I found out that she had no use of her legs, so I would have to lift her out of bed and into the shower chair. This entails a bear hug of sorts, with only my pair of scrubs and her hospital gown in between. At this point I was alright, you know, I was thinking "this is my job, she needs help." It was when we were cheek to cheek and she started kissing my face that it got really awkward. There was nothing I could do but bear though, I couldn't just drop her, so I swung around and sat her down as quickly and safely as possible.

-well alright-


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Anonymous said...

yeah- yuck!!

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Chuck said...

I give you props for that. Its not every day you get to make out with a 94 year old

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of being a CNA. I remember those days. I think I have post tramatic stress disorder from some of those memories.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

HAHAHA, you're cute.

That's funny! How are things? Sorry I've been absent from blogging life lately. How is Beth? You guys should have a baby soon!