Good ole Betsy.

Christmas time has always been a good time for me. Being the youngest I often wound up with more than my fair share, which I never minded. However, the older I get the more I realize how much I'm left out of because I'm the youngest. For some reason my family "protects" me by censoring the family secrets. This Christmas I finally heard the whole story of what happened to my dog Betsy. The story I knew, the story I was originally told, went like this. I was away at school, either Montana or North Carolina, when it happened. Of course, I didn't find out until I returned home to find my house dogless. Mom told me that Betsy had been hit by a car and died a little later due to the injuries. Apparently Mom got her in the car and took her to a vet, but she was too far gone. It was sad for sure, but Betsy was something like 13, mostly deaf, and partially blind, which may have led to the whole incident. It wasn't terribly upsetting, but the ol girl has been missed.

Here's the thing, the story above is true, there's just one detail that I had never heard before this last Christmas day. I guess I never thought to ask, or I just assumed that it was a random passer by that ran her over. The sad truth is that it was my sister in law who accidently hit her. I've got no hard feelings, I'm mean Betsy was deaf, it's just a little funny they never told me the truth. Even funnier, I was something like 21 or 22 years old when happened. Actually, since we're telling the truth and all, my family was probably trying to protect my sister in law, not me.

Hey, here's a bonus tidbit for you. I found this book called Terrific Tennessee at work, and being Tennesseean through and through I thought I'd share some of it with you. Did you know....

The world's largest watermelon, 262 pounds, was grown in Arrington in 1990 by Bill Carson.

If that doesn't make you proud to be a Tennessean, then you need some serious help.

-well alright-


sekondstory said...

I feel bad for your sister in law, I bet she felt terrible.

Amazing about the watermelon...just amazing! ;)

f1rststory said...

ummmm your new pic is interesting...superman with blonde hair...kinda like bizarro...but different...hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Yo Cute baby. Congrats again. Sweet isn't it? And sorry I just have not got around to making some jerky, not even sausage. Maybe some steaks for you and the little one? haha. and Mark Brown, Box 4535, Three Hills( yes I know Im such a lifer) Alberta, T0M 2N0, 403 443 5338