On Being Mom

So John and his friend have been talking about life goals. They have a book of life goals written out. It made me think of what are my life goals, and I guess that the only real life goal I have always had is to be a mom.
Emma Lou is now almost 6 weeks old. I am absoultly loving being a mom. I find myself just gazing and looking at my
baby telling her how beautiful she is. I think she is going to be a girly girl, she makes the cutest girly high pitched noises. Some people say that she has facial expressions like her mom. Does she have any idea how much she is loved and adored?
John is loving being a dad, he is great at it too. I think he does a better job at giving her a bottle than me. I think she is going to be a daddy's little girl.


sekondstory said...

I admire how intentional John lives and you are going to make a wonderful mother. And, well...Emma lou is one of the luckiest kids I know ;)

BirkenEarthyKel said...

*sigh* - I know the feeling. You guys are great parents.

f1rststory said...

enjoy it now, because i bet when she's a teen, every guy around will be wanting to hang out/date her b/c she'll be so cool!

katie bug carr said...

I love this baby girl!! she is so amazing. kiss her on the nose for me! and .... she is wearing the cutest gapkids outfit in her carseat. i wonder what awesome aunt got that for her.
I love EMMA LOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter