Traveling Baby

Well Emma is 12 weeks old and has already been on quite a few road trips. She has had the pleasure of going to Columbia, SC, Nashville, TN, Canton, OH, and Asheville, NC and Savannah, GA. She actually does pretty good on the road and in her car seat. John is on spring break this week so we as a family traveled to Savannah to check out a Physican Assistant school for John. It was a quick trip, we really like the university it is small, but 5 min. from the river front in Savannah. This school actually starts in Jan 08, which other PA schools we are looking at start in May or Sept of 08.
On the way to Savannah we stoped in Asheville, and I spent the day at the Spa at the Grove Park Inn, It was amazing. John had gotten me a gift cert. to the spa, after Emma was born. It was amazing and relaxing, they had the mineral pool that had underwater music playing. I was totally pampered. It has been fun having John home this week!


Kel said...

Cute little thing! Did you have a massage at the Grove Park or just use their facilites? That place is beautiful!
Our kids have always travelled well, which is a blessing considering the amount of traveling we do :)
Hey, is there an evening in July that would not be good for you to come out to the cabin for a massage? I am going to set up on our deck and work there. It's quiet, secluded, and nice. It's on the house :) All mom's need a break.

Sweet Beth said...

I got a new mother wrap, they did a body exfoliation, and massage with the wrap. I am sure i can work out an evening in July, the only plans i have for july are the birth of my neice.

Anonymous said...

Emma Lou told me she like the trip to Canton, OH the best to see her Grammie and Grumps.

Anonymous said...

The first picture of Emma make me laugh out lound because she is SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Emma Lou is so so cute.

The Grumps

katiebug said...

i heart emma lou

Kel said...

Sounds good Beth,
I'll get back to ya! I also have those Thai pants for you:) I am bringing them all with me so you can just pick the ones you want :)

Chuck said...

Thanks for the Henry's. Bottoms up for the new addition. I may try and come out to N.C. the beginning of May.

Colossians128 said...

your baby is perdy dern cute.

we are expecting one of those little bundles of joy (a boy) in sept. can't wait!!!