Send me a S.A.S.E.

Fame has never been on my life accomplishment list, just not interested. However, being who I am, I cannot avoid it. I have, after all, many natural qualities that demand recognition. Here's a short list:

High Cheek Bones
Amazing Blue Eyes
Comical Big Ears
Sharp Wit
Natural Athleticism
Perfect Posture
A Style all my own
A well adjusted accurate self assesment

The list goes on, but it's exhausting, and this isn't the point of my post anyway. I found today that the legend of Johnny T (stated in 3rd person because fame demands it) is spreading around the campus of which I attend. It's not uncommon for me to achieve a perfect score on any given test, given the fact that I'm familiar with the subject. I've had two already this semester, I'm not bragging, just stating a fact. I like grades, and the structure of a test. Comprehension is a gift of mine, so I tend to do well on exams.

A couple weeks ago my Prob & Stats Professor hosted our first exam; definitely not the hardest I've ever taken. I wasn't stumped and walked away confident of a perfect score. No big deal, I got a 100, but I figured it would be a common occurance because the test really wasn't that hard. The test was returned a couple days later, and the Prof. subtly announced there was but one perfect 100. It was mine.

Today I stayed late a few minutes to ask the Professor a question or two. He asked my name, and I told him. He then paused and said,"Oh,..... you're becoming quite famous in this department." "For what?", I asked. " You were the only one to score 100 in all of the Prob & Stats classes." I thought to myself,..That feels pretty good. It's turns out most people have trouble passing this class, much less achieving a perfect score. Well, that's news to me, because the subject matter isn't that hard, and a professor isn't completely necessary, because the book has everything one needs to understand.

Well, I'm feeeling pretty good now, how bout you?

Oh, if you'd like an autographed picture of me holding the perfect 100 exam please send me a S.A.S.E. and I'll get it to you.

-well alright-


Sweet Beth said...

John you forgot your exceptionally small mouth on that list.

sekondstory said...
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sekondstory said...

I so want to say something but I won't. I actually did but I went back and deleted it. And, now I have know idea what to say!

Kel said...

Hahaha, well i brag about the fact i barely passed prob and stats. hahahaha! Congrats of fracking up the curve!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for my picture.