Growing Up

Well little miss Emma Lou is now 10 weeks old and 11lbs. She is such a good baby, she is sleeping through the night and everything. She is a very laid back, she genuinely calm and happy, she likes other people and always seems content with others. She seems so content that it made me and John wonder "Does she even know we are?" Well finally i got the answer to that question. Yes she does know us. I was at a bible study with Emma and friend was holding her, well Emma was fussy and just would not settle down no matter what my friend did. So i took her and as soon as she was put in my arms she calmed down. I looked in amazment, "She knows who I am!" I exclaimed. I was so excited. This was the first sign that she knows who her mommy is and she wanted her mommy. So now we are just waiting to see if she knows who John is.
It is amazing the joy that this little person brings. i can't imagine how i will react the first time she says mommy.


sekondstory said...

She's a sweetie!

Kel said...

you know, i firmly believe that infants know immediately who their mother is, especially if you are breastfeeding. They can smell you :) They recognize your voice, they know the feel of your body when you are holding them. Trust me, she is just a good baby who likes people, but she knows who her mommy and daddy are! :)